Hi my name is Thomas.

I'm a 31 year old, Software Engineer and Skill Collector.

Skill Collector

My dad has always been a man of many skills, he speaks multiple languages, he’s a great carpenter and builder a person who’s proud of their achievements. Since I was a child he tried to pass on at least some of his knowledge by getting me to help out during DIY work and when we were building parts of our house.
This brought up my own curiosity through which I learned to explore the world simply by trying things out and following my own interests, be it a type of job or a technical challenge. The worst that can happen is failure; what makes one successful is the acknowledgment of experience through this failure and the attempt to learn. A good example I have followed from many engineers is to always try and repair something that is broken as you can’t break it any further.
The great thing about collecting skills and experience is its usability as often enough skills overlap with fields that at first seem very different. Over time I myself began to realize that most challenges can be solved simply by tackling them with a systematic approach, with knowledge acting as a propellant. Once this realization has come into place it’s not hard to see how this is a formula to be successful.
This way of thinking is what makes a good engineer, scientist and entrepreneur.
Probably the greatest thing about tackling challenges and skills is that it makes us feel good about ourselves and provides us with pride. Today I can say with proudly list these Achievements.

Building a cabinet for a camper van

Software Engineering and IT

Graduating from DIT in 2008

If there’s one job title that I can cleanly describe myself is, then it’s being a Software Engineer. My interest in computing began when a was a teenager and went a lot further as I went to a Technical High School in Germany which had a heavy focus on Information Technology. There I learned the basics of Object Oriented Programming in C++, basics, database design, logic boards and further IT fields.
This went on as I began studying Software Engineering in Heilbronn in Germany where I have been given the chance to take on an exchange year at the Dundalk Institute of Technology in Ireland. Being an opportunist I went and discovered a whole new range of opportunities. Enjoying the life and my relationship I had there, I decided not to return and move on to Dublin where I have been admitted as an advanced entry student into the Dublin Institute of Technology where I entered into year 4 of their Honours Degree in Computer Science.

After finishing at DIT, I started working as an Associate IT Consultant at Hewlett Packard in Ireland where I diverted into Windows Server administration. As my personal circumstances changed and the financial crisis hit Ireland, I have taken a break and moved on to travel and find new experiences. However, it was not too long before I returned into the field with the foundation of Tekanero where I’m now developing Desktop applications, web applications and setup CMS sites for customers in Europe.