As I mentioned in the About Me page, I have gone through a rich set of life-skills.

Some of these are:

I'm Co-Founder, Managing Director and Software Engineer at Tekanero Ltd.

  • Active since 2013
  • Check out my Tankmonitor I did through Tekanero.
Tekanero Logo

I completed my B.Sc. Honours Degree at Dublin IT.

  • My final year project (DITO) has been a finalist project at the Accenture Technology Solutions and Innovation Award.
  • I completed this 4 year degree in just 3 years (by transferring subjects from my Technical High school).
  • My results were amongst the top 30% of my class.
  • DIT has been named as one of the world's top 100 Universities under 50 years of age.

I'm a hobby Photographer, but I also did a few paid jobs and had some of my images published:

  • In 2007 I did product photos to produce a wholesale catalogue for Cathy Prendergast
  • I took property photos for the sale of a Villa in Spain
  • My images of the IFSC Dublin appear with in the German Magazine Versicherungswirtschaft
  • One of my early photos made it into the cover of the local newspaper Heilbronner Stimme
  • One of my images has made it onto Wikipedia articles in 12 different languages and onto other articles across the web.

I worked as a Localization Video Game Testerr at Activision.

  • You can find me in the credits of some of games (I worked on a few more).

I consider myself as being relatively good at DIY:

  • I did camper conversions on vans.
  • I renovated a few houses.
  • I work with wood, metal.
  • I can work with most types of paint.
  • I install solar setups and can do most basic wiring in cars.
  • I do work on my own cars and motorbikes.
  • I do repair work on electronic and IT equipment.
Making parts for ceiling lights in my dads workshop

I have worked in a few heavy industries jobs and locations:

  • LNG Gas Plants
  • Iron Ore Mines (shutdown work at Rio Tinto Mesa J)
  • Ports (as yard operator at Woodside and Mermaid Marine)
  • Ships (as a TA and Fire watch doing boat mobs on numerous offshore supply vessels)
  • I have gotten numerous High Risk work licenses:
    • Forklift (I moved heavy loads with a 16t machine)
    • Working at Heights
    • Confined Space Entry
    • Maritime Security Induction
  • I assisted with very heavy crane operations (rig mooring anchors, 12t chains, drill pipe)
  • I prepared drill pipe and well casing for off-shore gas drilling.
  • I prepared items for Quarantine

I have managed a caravan Park

  • As temporary Relief Manager at the Dampier Transit Caravan Park

I have experience as a Sales Person.

I have extensive experience of life and travel in across the globe:

  • Visiting most major European Cities.
  • Riding over 50.000km by motorbike through South East Asia: from Thailand, through Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Back in several trips.
  • Driving over 80.000km through Australia covering every state and over 8000km of dirt.
  • Living in Thailand for 2 Years and hold a Thai Driving license.
    • Learning the basics of the Language and the Thai Alphabet.
    • Organizing a motorcycle group where we did weekly outings into Countryside.
  • Living in Ireland for 3 years.
  • Living in Spain for 6 months.
  • Living in the UK 4 months.
  • I'm a Permanent Resident in Australia
    • I organized the Visa and all processes myself.
    • I organized the transport of motor vehicles into the country.
.. More is to come.